“Ente Atado (“Tied being”)

Ente Atado (“Tied being”)

From the Médula (“Core”) series

Plaster cast and wire on steel

130cm x 60cm x 60cm approx.

90kg thickness aprox.



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Being, monster, demon, whatever, is related to my life, to my essence, to myself. Represented in a dream in which the one fighting for punishment gets punished; in which the conscience is pricked, in which the soul suffers and does not rest, in which the universe has sent death that shoots and fake tears slide through the steal.

Mourning thunders are shot, frustration whips, evasion avalanche are drowned in my nose. Dried blood, like the dried grass that roved my bowels, dried like the death that various spiders tied to me.

It is the bond of that love exiled to the oblivion, of a broken and afflicted heart, of the vice of always lodging music into my ears. Listening to myself saying that everything was lost, that there were no other roads. The bond of my laughter plunged in a dwell that would come to fill my voids.

It is… the warning notice of an episode of a new lost love.

Behold the representation of a queen that lost her ring and is vulnerably exposed to the brutal territory of machos in pain.

Long hair hides the dirty look of some stunned eyes that little by little chose to give death to cupid.

Tempestuous past unhabituated by a cloudy and unknown present, evasive, drugged, faked.

Behold, sirs, the truth of a being that even winning this battle, has warned all to have lost the war.

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