“Ser” (“Being”)

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Ser” (“Being”)

From the Médula (“Core”) series

Acrylic on canvas

40.00cm x 30.50cm without frame

69.00cm x 59.40cm x 6.0cm with frame



In the darkness I rise as a shiny being that walks, observes, shines.

This being looks inside, with a forever open eye.

It observes what it feels, feeling is its process. And forgetting the inert body it express and extends from within.

It studies absolved livings and the vanished dead’s steps to the past that they memorize repulsive movements.

It is a being with human feet, loving without fear of whom might have created it. It walks through the Universe, and slowly flies, even though sometimes it desperately runs searching for results.

It bears the voracious femininity of an entire soul, which with a deep voice increases with chants the heat of the sweetness in its veins.

It is a small body, but explicit, filled with converted dreams that load the immense small voids with heartbeats.

And little by little gives water drops in the drought of those who engage the oblivion.

It does not forget the one for whom harm was done, nor it forgets the wounded. It chooses to shelter them in a bed of conversations, laughter and senses.

It conceives inside surrealistic passion with conscious dreamer perception. This being, has taken to the extreme so much life and so much death.

It is the result after a break, of a dreaming intention to whom dreaming does not want anymore.

And it adheres within a dazed wine of an afflicted pink, kept in the basement of a prejudice. A pinky color that slightly paints the walls of this world of fiction and fills with color a space in which color grey is the vicious.

It has a big eye in the center, the window that it leaves open when it sleeps, when it dreams. In its texture relieves that reflect its volatility.

Its mirror is the seagull that the unconscious chose to disguise as a pigeon. The clear scentless feather’s high flight lets you see the fall of the wounded of giant wings, that underestimates when only the peak is shown. But the Being does not pay attention to the one that’s fallen looking for creepers more than rhizomes. Instead, it stares at the heartbeat an in the new flight that it higher undertakes the power of the moonlight, that with its wings creates shadows.

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