“Surrealistic portrait of my grandmother”

Data sheet: Oleo, encaustic, resin and thread on canvas. 105 x 85 cm. 2017.


It’s a sewing machine the object that Celeste as a several ones, it makes to remember her grandmother. On this image she finds a surreatistic portrait of her, where she lives up on her last name with the moon, a moon that seems to stay in a dream or a memory, which reflection and companionship bring about a creation: The heart.


This artwork explore the deepest and sensitive of the human soul, it shows how we are “knitted” by our grandmother’s hands, which in our culture they are mothers too.


Celeste’s heart was needleworked with affection and care by Amparo and both are represented by two flowers always united each other.


Like this, looking back on her childhood, Celeste Bejarano creates this piece to honor Amparo, her grandmother and she shows the spiritual conection existing between them since the very first time their lives meet each other.

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